My Research Interests include but not limited to:

  1. Maritime boundary delimitation
  2. Technical Aspects of the Law of the Sea (TALOS)
  3. Land Boundary Delimitation and Demarcation
  4. Geographic Information System
  5. Database System
  6. Popularizing Geospatial (geospatial in literacy, geospatial in movies, etc.)

My Recent Researches:

  1. Pendekatan Geospasial dalam Penyelesaian Sengketa Batas Daerah Otonom di Indonesia – Geospatial Approach in the Resolution of Autonomous Regional Boundary Dispute in Indonesia
    This research is funded by the government of Indonesia year 2016.
  2. Otomatisasi Aspek Teknis Hukum Laut Melalui Pembuatan Purwarupa Perangkat Lunak untuk Menjaga Kedaulatan dan Hak Berdaulat NKRI Sebagai Poros Maritim Dunia – The Automation of the Technical Aspects of the Law of the Sea by Developing a Software Prototype to maintain Indonesia’s Sovereignty and Sovereign Rights as the World Maritime Fulcrum.
    This research is funded by the Faculty of Engineering of UGM in 2015.