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I like sharing ideas. I am available to be invited to talk about maritime related issues, scholarships, presentations, public speaking, writing, organisation, students movement, etc. If you want to hear my views, please let me know through email.

Cartography Services

Do you need maps for illustration? I have been working professionally to produce maps/charts for book/journal publications for the last couple of years. Please let me know should you have further inquiries.

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I love writing. Should you have any media (printed or online) that requires content update, please let me know.

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Meeting the Leaders of Timor Leste

It was a historical visit to Dili on 19 May 2016. Historical because it was the first one for me and also because it was a meeting with Ramos Horta, Mari Alkatiri and the current Prime Minister of Timor Leste, Dr. Rui Maria deĀ Araujo. There are not many bigger things than presenting your ideas in

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A Guest Lecture at UIB in Batam

Having an opportunity to share ideas with new people is always a rewarding experience. This also applies to a guest lecture that I gave at the Batam International University or UIB in Batam on 21 April 2016. It was a fist-time experience giving a lecture at UIB and it was a great one. The students,

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To Get Indonesia and India Closer

Indonesia and India are two big countries with a lot similarities. Both are democracies with big number of population. India is the largest democracy in the world and Indonesia comes third after the United States of America. While Indonesia is an archipelagic State and India is a continental State, both are developing rapidly economically. Culturally,

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Tragedi Ikan di Laut Tiongkok Selatan

Kapal nelayan Tiongkok ditengarai menangkap ikan di Laut Tiongkok Selatan, di dekat Natuna. Petugas Indonesia pun ketika itu siap menindak mereka.Ternyata, kapal nelayan Tiongkok itu “dikawal” kapal besar dengan peralatan lengkap. Petugas Indonesia yakin kapal Tiongkok itu masuk ke perairan Indonesia, sementara Tiongkok juga yakin kapalnya beraktivitas di perairan Tiongkok. Apa pasalnya? Berdasarkan Konvensi PBB

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Berebut Ikan di Laut Tiongkok Selatan

Pengantar Sebuah kapal nelayan milik Tiongkok, Hwai Fey, ditengarai memasuki kawasan Laut Tiongkok Selatan (LTS) di dekat Kepulauan Natuna dan melakukan penangkapan ikan pada tanggal 19 Maret 2016. Kapal tersebut coba ditangkap oleh petugas Indonesia karena posisi kapal itu diyakini berada di perairan Indonesia, dalam hal ini di Zona Ekonomi Eksklusif (ZEE) Indonesia.

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A Presentation at Monash University

I was invited by Monash dan Swinburne University in Melbourne to deliver a keynote address on Indonesia’s maritime boundary agreements. Here is the video of the presentation, recorded on 15 February 2016. Please enjoy!

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First Posting

I have been working as a lecturer for thirteen years now. This official web domain has been with me for around 12 years but I have yet to manage it properly. Now that I have returned to my university for good after a long study leave, I will manage my official website seriously.

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