Australian Scholarship Sharing

On 24 March 2024, I shared my experience in studying in Australia with scholarship. I was asked to do so by the Indonesian Students Association of Australia (PPIA) and I was so excited. This year is important for me as a scholar. Twenty years ago, I started my study at UNSW, Sydney with the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS). Now the scholarship is known as the Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS). It was like a blink of an eye, two decades have passed. Here I am. I have been back in Indonesia for ten years since the finish line of my PhD. I did my Master and PhD degree in Australia. Same state, different universities, same area of research. Those experiences have enriched my life, I am sure.

Feeling grateful about what  I have received  through scholarship, I started to write about my journey and experiences since 2004. Also 20 years ago. I started as an amateur blogger sharing my thoughts through a platform called Blogspot. I then migrated to WordPress, which I am still using until now. My habit of sharing through writing has apparently given me changes to share knowledge and practical tips on studies and general and Australian scholarship in particular. I consider my participation at the event organised by PPIA was one my ways to pay back.

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