First Posting

I have been working as a lecturer for thirteen years now. This official web domain has been with me for around 12 years but I have yet to manage it properly. Now that I have returned to my university for good after a long study leave, I will manage my official website seriously.

For more than five years I used google site for my official website and it was quite good. However, having a non UGM domain as an official website does not feel right. I decided to discontinue the maintenance of the website at google site and migrate to this official domain of UGM. All old contents are still kept at the google site website and my readers can still enjoy my old works and news by visiting the google site. This website, on the other hand, will contain my works and news starting from 2016.

This website is using WP CMS and I am comfortable with it so far. Improvement will be constantly made to make this website more accessible and to ensure more quality contents are available. Should you have any comments and suggestion, please fire it to me and see my email contact up there. Thank you and enjoy reading!

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