Meeting LPDP Future Awardees in Bali

LPDP is special unit established by the Government of Indonesia to manage fund for scholarship. The scholarship is grated to bright Indonesians to pursue their study (Master and PhD) in selected universities in Indonesia and overseas. Arguably, LPDP scholarship might be the most well-known scholarship in Indonesia nowadays. Almost all Indonesian students put LPDP in their wish list, when it comes to studying with scholarship.

Meet the volunteers of Bali Edukasi

I met a number of LPDP awardees and I am impressed by their quality. One good thing about them is their ability and willingness to organise themselves in one strong family. Even since pre-departure  activities they have demonstrated good collaboration for contribution. Before departing to places where the will conduct they study, LPDP awardees usually organise a number of activities for different purposes. One favourite program is sharing scholarship information for future awardees.

I was lucky enough to be invited by LPDP awardees, chapter Bali, to share my insight on scholarship to study master or PhD, especially in overseas universities. It was easy to feel the spirit of young Balinese to pursue their dream studying overseas. I am optimistic that many of the students I met in Bali will be the future awardee of LPDP.

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